Carlton Kerr


Elder Carlton Kerr is an ordained minister, a servant of God at Mount Zion Apostolic Church of Canada.

Elder Kerr was baptized in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1978 under the leadership of Bishop R. A. Jones.  He was then ordained by the late Bishop Dawson at Bibleway Church of Jesus Christ where he and his family worshipped for 13 years.  Elder Kerr began attending Mount Zion Apostolic Church of Canada in Malton in 2010 under the leadership of the late Elder C. Harper.

Elder Kerr is a dedicated servant of God, working alongside our Pastor, Elder Smith and his vision to promote the Kingdom of God, and adhere to the teachings of the Scriptures.  Elder Kerr has a passion for sharing the message of reconciliation.  He has a love for people and desires their souls to be saved, which is demonstrated when he ministers the Word of God with passion and conviction.  Elder Kerr readily serves in the Sunday School Department, the Men’s Brotherhood Department, as well as helps to teach Bible Study.