Mount Zion Apostolic Church (MZAC) was founded in 1967 in the city of Toronto, with a prayer meeting held in the basement of the late Bishop W.A. Hall’s home. At this time no Apostolic Church, as enjoyed in the island of Jamaica, was established in the City of Toronto. Together with Minister Skyers, Deacon Hall wrote the constitution for the Mount Zion Apostolic Church and delivered it to Ottawa. A loan from the bank was secured and a building was purchased. The first pastor appointed to the newly formed church was Elder Ricketts. The first building, a store at 1301 Bloor Street West, was bought in 1967.

The Lord Jesus saved souls and the congregation grew. Later, when the growth of the church necessitated relocation, 48 Fisher Street in Toronto was bought in 1968. Many who immigrated directly from Jamaica or after having lived in England, worshipped at Mount Zion until they were established. From this location many other churches branched out though fellowship was maintained.

When some members moved to the city of Malton, Ontario, an opportunity for a church in Malton was realized. Evangelist Anderson and the Late Deacon Hamilton had been holding prayer meetings at their homes and began looking for a location where Sunday morning services could be held. After many inquiries, the auditorium at St. Michael’s Catholic School was secured for Sunday morning services in 1977. One year later, the opportunity to use the theatre at the Malton Community Centre was seized. The Mount Zion Apostolic Church in Malton spent fifteen years in the theatre of the community centre where the Lord Jesus saved many souls and the congregation continued to grow.

After ten years, the congregation at 48 Fisher Street grew beyond the confines of the building which necessitated the purchase of another building. By the grace of God, 106-108 Holland Park Avenue was bought as another place of worship in 1978. After the sale of 106-108 Holland Park another location in Toronto was bought. The current location of Mount Zion Apostolic Church of Canada, Toronto is 30 Pemican Court.

Mount Zion Apostolic Church established a branch in Windsor, Ontario, under the pastorship of Elder A. Brown, following the evangelizing ministry of Sis. D. Powell. Mount Zion Apostolic Church of Canada is blessed with a location in Roseau, in the Commonwealth of Dominica under the leadership of Pastor John Baptiste. Mount Zion Apostolic Church recently established a branch in Barrie, Ontario in 2009, under the evangelizing ministry of Minister M. Peck.
Bishop Hall had a desire to build a house for God’s people who were worshipping in Malton. This dream was realized when the wife of the Late Deacon Hamilton saw land for sale off Derry Road. In 1992, an offer was made to purchase what would later be known as 6810 Professional Court.

Thanksgiving must be made for those who laboured alongside Bishop Hall to build up Mount Zion Apostolic Church of Canada in Malton – the Late Deacon Hamilton, Elder Anderson, Elder Malcolm, and many others who raised funds, prayed, invited visitors and much more. We continue to grow.