Children’s Ministry

The Mount Zion Apostolic Children’s Church Ministry is dedicated to providing the foundation for a child’s growing relationship with Christ. This environment is one where children are encouraged to pursue friendship with God, understand their God-given gifts and begin to use them, and learn how they can positively affect their friends who do not know the Lord.

The Children’s Church follows a Spirit-led curriculum, which includes promoting the plan of salvation through the memorization of key scripture verses. The curriculum also encourages skills development with hopes that children will develop courage and assertiveness that will help remove the fear of church participation as they grow. A Children’s Choir is also part of this curriculum to help facilitate that growth.

The coordinators of the Children’s Church work closely with parents and guardians, to keep them involved in their child’s spiritual development. They also work with the Youth Department to create links of mentorship, that help prepare the children for the next step in their walk with Christ.